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Interview With A Walking Dead Walker

Interview With A Walker

One of the largest “roles” on The Walking Dead is that of the zombie, the walker, the undead. Hundreds of extras are used every Season to make The Walking Dead what it is. Many times they are just off in the background, a menacing presence; other times they are right up in your face in all their grotesque glory. So, I got the idea to do a series of “Walker” Interviews in hopes of bringing more appreciation and recognition to these awesome hard-working actors. After all, there would be no Walking Dead without the walking dead.

 By Jennifer Carter

The lovely Sonya Thompson

Photo by Richard Mellinger

My very first Walker Interview was with the lovely Sonya Thompson. She is an amazing and versatile talent who has been acting and entertaining since she was 5 years old...

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The Silence of the Walkers

Photo AMC

Walking Dead Monthly Plot Hole Gripe -

What the Hole is Going on?

This month’s gripe: By Clayton Walsh

Photo: AMC

Close your eyes and picture yourself wandering aimlessly in some rural woodland. Amidst the lingering shadows of old-growth hardwoods and sharp knolls constantly blocking your view, you tip-toe through leaves and an exasperating underbrush that makes each step seem like a siren to your whereabouts. You have navigated this landscape from time to time over the past couple years and while that prison Rick sold everyone on with its farm and water and the promise of safety in numbers seemed OK for a while, it is gone now.

Everyone else is gone too. Who knows, they might all be dead. Right now, that doesn’t matter, because you are alive and relatively well...

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Welcome To Zombie Rising Magazine

Zombie Rising Magazine is a digital only bi-monthly magazine for zombie lovers everywhere. We have your latest updates and interviews on movies, books and zombie events around the world. We will have free poster downloads, zombie swag giveaways, zombie fashion and makeup tutorials, Fan Fiction and much, much more.

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