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“Night of the Living Dead” Gets New Life


From Director Chad Zuver and Shattered Imagines Films

By Joanna Prototype

A Very Brief History of Zombies in Film:

In 1929 popular culture was first introduced to the idea of “zombies” with William Seabrook’s book, “The Magic Island”. In the book he describes Haitian Vodoo practices and his experience with the Culte des Morts, or Cult of the Dead. Seabrook’s book was later used as the basis for Garnett Weston’s 1932 screenplay “White Zombie”. Directed by the Halperin brothers and starring the legendary Bela Lugosi, “White Zombie” tells the story of a young girl transformed by a Vodoo master into a mindless zombie slave.

“White Zombie” gave us the first full length film example of zombies, though not as we know them today...

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Summer of Zombie 2014 SPOTLIGHT ON: Ian Woodhead


What is your latest zombie release?

Kingdoms of the Dead (Chemical Rot)

Quick description of it (no spoilers)

Kingdom of the Dead: The zombie apocalypse like you’ve never seen it before. The plague destroyed nine-tenths of the population, and the dead refuse to rot. The survivors learn that each and every one of them carries a death sentence: the virus circulating in their very bloodstreams. Just how far will one scientist go – how many people’s lives will he destroy in his quest to save the human race? The fates of several worlds hang in the balance.

Something unique about it.

I’ve taken the zombie genre into parallel worlds, that’s unique.

Links for people to purchase it.

Ian Woodhead is just past the age of forty...

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The Silence of the Walkers

Photo AMC

Walking Dead Monthly Plot Hole Gripe -

What the Hole is Going on?

This month’s gripe: By Clayton Walsh

Photo: AMC

Close your eyes and picture yourself wandering aimlessly in some rural woodland. Amidst the lingering shadows of old-growth hardwoods and sharp knolls constantly blocking your view, you tip-toe through leaves and an exasperating underbrush that makes each step seem like a siren to your whereabouts. You have navigated this landscape from time to time over the past couple years and while that prison Rick sold everyone on with its farm and water and the promise of safety in numbers seemed OK for a while, it is gone now.

Everyone else is gone too. Who knows, they might all be dead. Right now, that doesn’t matter, because you are alive and relatively well...

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