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Welcome to our full list of Zombie Rising Magazine Issues. Below is a link to Apple for those who have an iPad or iPhone. Once you get to our iTunes page, install our App (it is free). Launch the magazine through Newsstand and you will be brought to the list of magazines available for purchase. NOTE: You can save up to 75% annually if you subscribe!

Zombie Rising Magazine on ITunes

Those that do not have an Apple product may purchase our PDF version of the magazine below. Click the image to see what is in each issue.

January Issue

 January 2014 – $3.99 

50 Rules to Surviving the Apocalypse

An Interview with Harry S. Franklin

Sneak Peek Of Aetas Furor: The Time of Madness

Walking Dead Free Fan Art Downloads

Diabetes and Survival: Part 1

Why Freeze-dried Meals are the Smartest Choice in Food Storage

The Prepper’s Conundrum: To Bug in or Bug Out? (Pt. 1)


February Issue

February 2014 – Free

February is a FREE issue.

You can get it Here!

March Issue

 March 2014 – $3.99

Those Left Behind: The Beginning of the End

A Bloody Road To Nowhere Sneak Peek

Interview With A Walker

Hell On Rails: The Apocalypse

Download Free Walking Dead Fan Art Posters

Zombie Rising Comic Rue World Order

The Prepper’s Conundrum: To Bug in or Bug Out? (Pt. 3)

How to pick your melee weapon.


April Issue

April 2014 – $3.99

Those Left Behind: Into the Black
Bring Out Your Dead!
Interview With A Walker
Zombie Makeup Artist Interview
Zombie Rising Comic Rue World Order
Zombie Make Up Video Tutorials
10 Essential Skills Necessary for Survival
Basic Clothing and Protective Gear to Have in Your Survival Kit




Issue 5 – $3.99

Those Left Behind: The Open Grave
Why You’re Safer With The Dead!
Interview Greg Crews From The Walking Dead
Do You Have The Attitude To Survive?
Zombie Rising Comic Rue World Order
Interview With B. Alex Thompson
Campus Chaos: Sorority Girls vs. Zombies Preview
Interview With Rob Sacchetto



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